Piano concerto “Khárôn” Op. 42 published in Japan

Review of the Piano Concerto “Khárôn” Op. 42. Sergio Espejo, principal pianist of the OCNE (Orquesta y Coro Nacionales de España), after reading the manuscript of this work, comments on it:

“It is a sincere, profound and extremely personal work. There is a lot of pain, sorrow and sadness, but I especially like that they are generally approached with serenity.”

“The harmonies are impeccable and the melodies and their treatment flawless as well. The combination of blocks of piano only, orchestra only, strings only, winds, etc… is magnificent.”

About this work. Being a pianist, it was only a matter of time before I embarked on a work of this genre. Since I was a child, the record player at my parents’ house played non-stop, through it I listened to all the great piano concertos. My father taught them to me. As well as all the great symphonic and chamber works. All the great music of the great names was revealed to me thanks to my father. I have never met a more passionate music lover; more of a musician, without being one, but certainly more so than almost anyone else. This Concerto was written during his illness. My father and I crossed that Styx together, with Charon. A painful crossing that ended with my father’s life and left me, in part, on that other shore. This work is obviously dedicated to my father, the person who opened the doors to Music in capital letters. That is his legacy in me, his son. And this is my small tribute to him, my father.