Octet “Seneca“ Op. 30 published by editorial Boileau

In 2016 Editorial Boileau published his Octet Seneca Op. 30. Written work commissioned by Sergio Espejo, pianist of the National Orchestra and Choir of Spain (OCNE) and premiered on March 1, 2016 at the National Auditorium in Madrid, by the soloists Of the OCNE before recording in Studio 206, musical program of RNE.


Solists of OCNE (Spanish National Orchestra and Chorus) premier the Octet Seneca in the National Auditorium of Madrid.

The soloists of OCNE premiered, in the National Auditorium of Madrid, of the Octet “Seneca“ Op. 30, by Abraham Tena Manrique written by Sergio Espejo order, pianist of the OCNE. This premiere took place on March 1, 2016, within the Satellites Cycle that annually organizes the OCNE.

The soloists of the OCNE recorded the work in “Estudio 206“, musical program of RNE (Spanish National Radio).

Agnieszka Grzywacz (Soprano)
Adriana Mayer (Mezzosoprano)
Ana Llorens (violín)
Javier Balaguer (Clarinete)
Sergio Espejo (Piano)
Angel Luis Quintana (Violonchelo)
Francisco Santiago (Barítono)
Bruno Vargas Calero (Viola)